Hardoli Farms’ completely natural, hygienic, antibiotics & hormone free milk and milk products will motivate you to start your day will full of energy. Hardoli Farms promise you to provide safe, clean and fresh milk and milk products. At Hardoli Farms, we aim to bring awareness towards the health benefits of natural farm fresh milk.


Who We Are

Hardoli Farms is a Pvt. Ltd company located at Hardoli in Bhandara district of Maharashtra. Hardoli Farms is spread over 50 acres of green agricultural land. NaturalOur vision is to manufacture the dairy products in a complete natural way without any adulteration We produce quality raw milk processed in hygienic condition using modern technology. Our products follow the food safety management under respected laws.

Other than producing quality milk and nutritious dairy products, our farm helps community by creating new jobs and it helps in boosting the economy of the area.

Our Mission


We will continue to build on the strengths and competitive attributes of the Hardoli brand and develop its full marketing potential. We will develop new products and identify market opportunities, mindful of our task to be responsive to the ever changing needs of our consumers.


Customer relationship is an integral part of building the Hardoli Farms business. We aim to provide our partners the best and most efficient service by using leading edge technology,we ensure the timely product availability and accessibility. We strive to know and understand our duty.


Growth that always creates a value for our shareholders is paramount. We will always deploy our resources on investment opportunities that are within our core competence and yield excellent returns relative to its risks and which are consistent with our growth objectives.


We recognize our role in nation building by promoting the protection of the environment and taking part in various community-building projects that help to enhance and uplift the quality of life of the underprivileged and the marginalized sectors of our society.


Ultimately, the consumer whom we serve and their level of satisfaction with our products become our final judge and jury for us. We are committed to deliver a high quality milk and other consumer food products from production from our milk to consumption.


We recognize that our people, the Hardoli Farms team members are one of our most important assets and we are committed to promote their safety and welfare. We challenge each individual by providing the opportunity to contribute to the company’s endeavors.

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Why Choose Hardoli Farms Natural Milk?

Benefits of Farm Fresh Milk

Our Farm Fresh milk is free of any adulteration and ready to be consumed after a slow, gentle heating on the stove in a heavy bottom pan. Slow heating will more effectively preserve the integrity of fragile milk proteins, especially if the milk is removed from the stove as soon as it came to boil. Once the milk is cooled, you can take the cream out of the milk and consume the milk as a natural low fat milk. From the cream, you can make ghee and enjoy it with nice delicious homemade food.


Milk is by far the purest, most natural foods in existence. Remember, mother feeds her baby completely on breast milk for up to 6 months. Cow/Buffalo milk contain the same nutrients, as human milk does. These nutrients differ in amount if compared with human milk. 1-year-old and above children should be given farm fresh milk (slowly boiled on the stove) each day to maintain their requirement of daily protein, fat, carbohydrates and other nutrients. Store bought milk (pasteurized) kills these nutrients as it rapidly heats the milk over 73o Celsius. Pasteurization is a violent process that has a very detrimental effect on the proteins in the milk. If any bacteria left in the milk after pasteurization, our bodies are unable to absorb them.


Store bought milk is pasteurized and homogenized. Homogenization is a process where milk’s naturally occurring fat molecules are broken down. Once broken, these molecules stay suspended in milk. If you boil the homogenized milk, you will not see the thick cream layer on top, as the broken fat molecules resist separation. There are concerns of heart diseases and arterial plaque buildup when you regularly consume homogenized milk. Some medical researchers believe that the smaller, agitated milk fat molecules that result from homogenization may bind more easily to the walls of heart’s arteries. There does not seem to be enough information available to draw a universal conclusion regarding this. Homogenization is not a natural process.