Hardoli Farms is a Private Limited company located in a small village named Hardoli in Bhandara District of Maharashtra. Hardoli Farms is a family venture and we intend to keep the family values as we grow.

The main impetus behind starting the Hardoli Farms is milk adulteration. Today, in India, you can see numerous reports where some milk suppliers get caught for milk adulteration. To the extreme is where an artificial mixture is made using Shampoos, Urea and numerous other things to make it look like milk. Apart from milk adulteration is the usage of hormones and anti-biotics in the dairy cattle/buffaloes.

During one of our trips to India, we saw reports on TV and read about the adulteration, a thought crossed our mind.

Why not to start a Commercial Dairy Farm in our ancestral village which will provide good, fresh, all natural un-adulterated milk?

Knowing nothing about managing a Commercial Dairy Farm, we enrolled ourselves in Dairy Management courses at University of Illinois, USA. We learned about how to take care of the cows and other aspects of Dairy Management. During this time, we visited several farms in the USA and learned about good and safe practices in cattle handling, keeping records and milk handling. We have also visited Dairy convention in India to gain more knowledge on current technologies that can be used in the farming for better performance.

Our aim is to provide healthy milk and milk products to you and your family. Our research and knowledge will help grow this venture and make us successful.