Hardoli Farms thinking is little different than other dairy farms in our area. Our main focus is on the Dairy herd, rather than the milk. Our philosophy is that if we take good care of our herd, they will take good care of us by delivering milk. At Hardoli Farms, we do not expose our herd to unnecessary medicines, including hormones (commonly used to let-down the milk). Hormones create adverse effects for the herd and traces of these hormones have been found in the milk, which certainly is not good for human consumption.

At Hardoli Farms, we had to ensure a 3-month herd feed supply before we bought a single herd. Buffaloes are chosen by Hardoli Farms management due to their milk composition. Buffaloes are less tolerant to heat then other dairy herd and heat stress is very pronounced in buffaloes. To ensure the buffaloes are not stressed, we have Foggers installed at our barns to cool the buffaloes. Buffaloes are kept in an open style barn, where they can roam freely outside and come into the shaded area if they want to.

Natural Process

Buffaloes will not be tied at one place. They will be free to roam around the area and will have abundant water and food. Outside area will also be shaded to provide nice and comfortable space.

Advance Technology

Buffaloes will be milked using state-of-the-art GEA DemaTron milk control units. Daily milk composition, milk produced, etc. are all logged into a computer for auditing. These units check for any irregularities in milk composition and will raise an alarm if threshold is crossed.

Health Herd

A veterinarian will be employed full time at Hardoli Farms. He will look after the health of newly born calves as well as the buffaloes. In summer, the inside temperature will be maintained at 35o C max to reduce the heat stress.



Step 1 : Barn and Feed

Barn and surrounding area is where the heards spends all its life. Hardoli Farms management understands this fact and provides a very humane, stress free barn environment. Feed eventually turns into milk. heards is fed according to a proper plan to ensure they get their daily doses of Vitamins, Carbs, Energy, Minerals and all other necessary ingredients. Water troughs are available throughout the barn to ensure proper supply of water all the time.

Step 2 : Milking

heards will be milked 3 times a day at Hardoli Farms. Milking 3 times a day reduces udder pressure, which in turn increases the heards health. Hardoli Farms provides a clean environment and has adopted a routine with 3 stages: (1) Pre-milking – physical stimulation of the teats using one udder-towel per heards, (2) Milking – using automated clusters to ensure proper milking and (3) After-milking – teats are dipped into anti-bacterial disinfectant.

Step 3 : Cooling

The milking machine deposits the milk thru Stainless Steel pipes into a bulk milk chiller. Bulk milk chiller keeps the milk at 4 degrees C. The chiller has a big agitator to ensure the entire milk is cooled uniformly. Cooler has large opening lids for easy access and rounded internal corners to facilitate thorough cleaning.

Step 4 : Packaging

Milk will be pumped using Stainless Steel pipes from the Bulk Milk Chiller to the automated packaging station. Bottles will be sterilized, labeled and ready for the fill-up at the filling station. As the bottled is filled, the machine will cap the bottle at the same station. Bottled is stored in a Cold Storage until ready to be shipped.

Step 5 : Loading and Home Delivery

Bottled will be loaded into a refrigerated truck to be shipped to the market. Early morning each day, the truck will take the bottles and deliver them to the local market. The refrigerated truck will drop the bottles at various places, so the delivery boys will cover smaller area to deliver the milk at door step.

Happy and Healthy Family

At Hardoli Farms, we treat our customers as King/Queen. It is paramount to us that the milk produced at our farms is free from any kind of adulteration, free from any harmful bacteria, free from any artificial hormones, free from any anti-biotics and meet International Standards. We deliver the milk as nature intended, fresh and pure!