About Hardoli Farms Milk

Hardoli Farms is introducing a new concept in our area, “Farm to table” concept. In this concept, finished product leaves the farm to get delivered directly at your door step. This is the only way to ensure freshness and purity of the product. At Hardoli Farms we take pride in producing the best milk possible. We guarantee the milk to be free from any adulteration (including any artificial hormones and antibiotics) and delivered fresh at your door step. At Hardoli Farms, if one of herd members gets sick and we need to administer antibiotics, the milk will be thrown out. It will not even be fed to the calves. And, it will be recorded into the computer for later auditing.

Apart from animal health, Hardoli Farms also focuses on the milking process and equipment. All the equipment is sanitized after each milking to ensure zero bacterial growth inside the milking lines, pipes and storage. The cleaning process is recorded in the software for auditing purposes.

Benefits of Natural Farm Fresh Milk

Untouched Milk

Milked by GEA DemaTrons to maintain the hygiene, each milking is recorded into the computer

Low Bacterial Count

Healthy herd, stress free environment and clean milking equipment maintains low count

Farm Fresh Milk

Milk temp is maintained at 4o C to ensure bacteria does not grow and keeps the milk fresh


Tamperproof Bottles

A milk bottle which is tamperproof as well as easy to handle in kitchen

No Additives

Milk is provided without any additives, providing a healthy diet for all kids and adults.

Farm to Table

Entire process from milking to packing is done on a single farm, no outside milk is added

Milk – Nature’s Nearly Perfect Food


Milk is nature’s nearly perfect food. Milk contains protein, carbohydrate, fat, water-soluble vitamins, mineral and water (about 87% water). All of the worlds governments dietary guidelines recognize milk and milk products as one of the five major food groups from which people of all ages should make their food selections. These guidelines do recommend about 2 or 3 daily servings of milk or milk products. Milk is an excellent source of essential nutrients, making it one of the most “nutrient-dense” foods available

Milk contains – (1) Calcium – 30% of daily need, (2) Protein – 15% of daily need, (3) Potassium – 10% of daily need, (4) Phosphorus – 20% of daily need, (5) Niacin – 10% of daily need, (6) Riboflavin – 25% of daily need, (7) Vitamin D – 25% of daily need, (8) Vitamin A – 10% of daily need, and (9) Vitamin B12 – 15% of daily need.

The various nutrients it provides as well as the nutrient-density of milk proves that the milk is "nature's nearly perfect food".

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